Prior to 2013, the party has been sponsored so it's free to all comers. Past sponsors have included Nokia, Microsoft, Nature Publishing Group and others. This year, I had feedback that (regular) attendees would rather pay towards the cost of the event and own it themselves without a sponsor.

I'm all cool with that - it's all about the community, for me. We (Team Prime) don't make a penny from this - I donate my time and love to it free as my thank you to everyone coming for their awsm this year. All ticket sales do is fund the bar and food, and if we're lucky some prizes, but if not I'll buy those myself. We give out stuff like tablets, consoles, phones etc.

Tickets are go out in waves every week, and it's invite only. Once the tickets are gone they're gone.

You can show interest in coming by tracking on the event Lanyrd page, we invite as many people from there as we can, that keep the party a strictly smart set of technologists working on cutting edge world leading projects, or those we feel should be. Sadly we can't invite everyone who wants to come - so please accept our apologies if you've been tracking but didn't get an invite.

As the event is strictly invite only, tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. But worry not, if you can't make it everyone else will just get that little bit more drunk thanks to your kind donation :)


Pic courtesy of Paul Clarke